Venture Capital

With several successful entrepreneurs in our team and years of experience allocating to venture capital, we are on course to become a leading VC firm.

Our shareholders have decades of experience founding and scaling companies in a range of sub-sectors that include pure technology as well as bricks and mortar. These businesses have gone on to become mature companies distributing dividends or IPOing at multi-billion dollar valuations, and now several of these businesses invest in promising start-ups.

With the world rapidly evolving with new technologies, we believe that venture capital is the most compelling asset class when executed properly – often delivering materially outsized returns and making a deep impact in ESG.

In 2021 we successfully launched our AgTech VC fund, which has since invested in some of the most competitive AgTech deals in Europe. We believe AgTech is at a very exciting intersection, with massive changes in the way we produce and distribute food, due to rising populations and immense inefficiencies throughout the supply chain. We see this as an incredible investment opportunity.

AgTech investments

AgTech investments that are managed by Investbridge Capital’s AgTech fund.

HealthTech investments

HealthTech investments that are advised by Investbridge Capital.

Venture Capital investments

Venture Capital investments that Investbridge Capital shareholders are invested in.


“Our shareholders have a long history of investing in start-ups, reaping the benefits of high growth tech companies. With Nicholas Francis’ family office spearheading the vertical, we leverage his decades long experiences in tech after founding a 50+ billion-dollar software business, to create value for our investors in sync with our ESG objectives.”

Kieran Francis, Board Member

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